About Us


Zentro Co., Ltd (Yu Wei) established in 2001 focuses on used machine business especially for fastener machinery.

Before the company set up, the local business of used machine had been running more 10 years at least.

To reach the different customers with their expectation, Zentro Co., Ltd (Yu Wei) was created to take care of different potential customers by offering the low-cost solution to keep the customers growing and secured in the fast changing world.



1. Help the factories to clean the idle or unnecessary machines.

    The unused or unnecessary machines are occupied the space.

    Collecting these kinds of used machines from the factories will help them have more cash and free space.


2. Help the customers to seize the rush orders in economic recovery.

    The order for new machines will take more time and money to be ready.

    The used machines are well preserved and ready for the delivery anytime.

    The customers can buy the used machine to seize rush orders in time.


3. Provide one-stop procurement for customers.

    As specializing in used fastener machinery, we can offer customers one-stop procurement and let customers save more time.


4. Lower the burden of new startups.

    We provide various kinds of used fastener machinery with lower prices.

    The new factories can run in low capital.


5. Recycling the bad used machines by good repair technics.

    Our highly good technics can turn the bad used machines into good working machines.



The reliable used facility partner worldwide with professionals.